My name is Nick, nice to (virtually) meet you.

I am a senior software engineer by profession, a prolific DIY'er, and entrepreneur. I have both worked for and run my own software-focused companies. My technical passions include automation, web app development, and devops concepts. My non-technical passions include music, gardening, and a lot of TV/movies.

I am not currently available for work.

I am not currently hiring for any work.

Github: @nwilging

My Projects

Midwest Software Solutions - https://midwestsoftware.net

My (now passive) software development agency. From 2016-2020 Midwest Software focused heavily on web application development. I acted as engineer and individual contributor, product manager, CTO, and salesperson during this time.

Midwest Drift Co. - https://midwestdrifting.com

Midwest Drift Co. (formerly EPAutomotive) is an automotive racing organization based in Toledo, OH. The organization runs events at tracks in both Ohio and Michigan, and is now one of the most popular drifting organizations in the Midwest. Midwest Drift Co. was started in 2017 with our first event being hosted at Toledo Speedway in Toledo, OH.

DIYAutofeed - https://diyautofeed.com

DIYAutofeed is an automated watering reservoir designed for indoor garden automation. This project is a combination of NodeJS and Python, running on a Rasperry Pi. At the core, the device is simply a relay and aquarium pump controller. Integrates with Home Assistant via MQTT. Public Github repository: github.com/StarlightAutomation/autofeed-backend

Web3x - https://web3x.net

Web3x is a project started in 2021 aimed at building automated blockchain related tools. This project includes a suite of automated bots and blockchain scanning analysis tools. Web3x is currently focused on the continued passive development within the blockchain industry when that development is profitable.